It’s an epidemic. I can be a very jolly person, but I run out of jolliness if I try to sustain it for too long. Even Thanksgiving is early for me. I’d prefer a few days off. Maybe start up the decorating December 1. Or wait another week if I’m busy. It’ll keep.

I believe Amy is capable of having a jingly time, but her capacity for it is much smaller: a week, maybe two tops.

Can anyone tell me what the kids are doing these days in Elementary School with regards to holiday prep? Are they still making hand turkeys for Thanksgiving or are they following the corporate schedule and getting Christmas on the road early? Or do they just skip holidays altogether out of respect for the Atheists and Jehovah’s Witnesses?

On an unrelated note, I dreamed that I played Halo 4 last night. Glad that one isn’t coming true. Paper Mario Sticker Star is next on my list. The week after that I’ll be visiting my family in New York while the Wii U launches.

I’d like to convince my friend to wait on line for the Wii U with me (Ahem, you know who you are), but I’m not entirely sure I even want to. It’s gonna be cold out there, and my vacation time is something of a premium. We could be doing so many other things.

I did wait in line for the Wii for about 13 hours, but it was a very mild day and a bunch of us just chilled, talked, and played Risk and Scrabble. It was like hanging out anywhere else. If I remember correctly, people who waited in line for about 6-7 hours still got systems, so if you’re thinking about it, getting in line by 5PM might suffice.