Yesterday our new Star Wars overlords announced that they are going to make spin-off movies set in a time or place unrelated to the new trilogy focusing on particular characters. News sources then printed rumors that the focus would be a young Han Solo in one movie, and Boba Fett in another. We’ve had arguments about the merits of Boba Fett here before, so I’m not going to get into that.

The point is, there is no official word yet. We are free to speculate! A Rogue Squadron movie would probably have the most potential in terms of character development, intrigue, and action. An elite group of fighter pilots going up against impossible odds to liberate world’s from the Empire in the Galaxy after Return of the Jedi. Doesn’t that just sound awesome? They made a bunch of books about it and they were fantastic (not to mention the video games).

The problem, of course, is that Wedge Antilles (the commander of Rogue Squadron) is not exactly the name you headline movies with. He helped out in all the critical moments (the first Death Star, the Hoth snow battle, the second Death Star), but I think the average person would not know who he is. Do you even know?

As far as the Lando movie, his story is two heavily tied in with Han Solo. And if they’re making a movie with Han in it, you can bet he’ll be the star. I’m still holding out for that buddy comedy though. Maybe Disney is holding River Pheonix in cryo-freeze to play a young Harrison Ford again. Or maybe they’ll just use Shia LaBeouf.