At last! We come the actual injury of this whole cockamamie backstory! And we ain’t done yet! I almost actually forgot why we’ve started this flashback…

By the way, this is Ryan again. Mike should be back next week. Good ole Mikey is out in Boston for PAX East(er). If you’re out there, you should look for him and give him a good ole “fan bum rush”. You can find him from his twitter and coordinate something from there.

I, unfortunately, won’t be attending this year. Complications arose and I wasn’t able to secure the vacation. And by “complications”, I mean, “I’m poor and work won’t give me the time off”.

Since I’m still in control of the blog, I’m gonna talk about my geek stuffs before I sign off!

Comics are some of my main sources of geek power. I’m currently reading a few titles and here’s my thoughts. Batman Detective Comics have been pretty sweet since the new 52 started started back up again. It was fun to guess “whodunnit” the whole time. I’ve been reading the Lanterns and I have to say that Green Lantern with Sinestro in focus is pretty interesting. I kind of like seeing him back in green. Now I had high hopes for the Red Lantern series because they were my favorite from the “Rage of the Red Lanterns” arc, but the new 52 story is kind of disappointing to me. At least so far. I’m REALLY hoping that it redeems itself, because I was hoping to see RAGE. Instead, I got Atrocitus bitching like an emo high schooler that hates his dad. But my favorite series to read as of right now has to be Suicide Squad. I love where this story is going and this characters are awesome. I love seeing villains doing heroics (even if they’re forced to do so), and I was a huge fan of the post-civil war Thunderbolts.

YouTube has also been churning out some awesome geek vids. I could list a TON but for now due to lack of time, I’m only going to list two.

First, is the “nerd empowerment” music video, I’m the One That’s Cool by The Guild. Just watch it.

And next, is Wil Wheaton‘s new Tabletop show.. uh… Tabletop. Which is a series where Wil and his friends play various tabletop games. Its a great way to be introduced to new games and learn the basics of each showcased game.

Whoa… I just wrote as much as Mike would. I better go lie down.