The story continues. It will continue some more next week. I imagine there are many things that could get you forcibly removed from a GameStop. We’ll get to that.

I got to try Journey a little bit tonight. What I know so far is that the feeling of immersion in the game is incredible. Much like many of the better Indie games on PSN and Live Arcade, there is little explanation as to what to do or what is going on in the game. It gives you minimal instructions and lets you experiment to discover how the world works. It also has gorgeous visuals for an Indie title. The puzzles aren’t exactly complicated or difficult so far, but they are still satisfying to complete. I’ll have more to say about it on Monday.

I checked out the comments in a Mario Party 9 Review on 1UP, after finding it slightly confusing and lacking in details. I found that much of their readership was in agreement. The review was terrible. I found an even more concerted revolt when I inspected the review for I Am Alive. In simple terms, it was cryptic and irritating to read. That review contained one sentence that plainly described the author’s opinion. The rest of it was barely comprehensible.

I don’t believe the publication is in any sort of danger. There were enough apologists for the flowery descriptive writing and people who complain will always return for more punishment. On the other hand, my personal choice would be to look for reviews on Kotaku or Joystiq to influence my purchasing habits. Their reviews are generally more pragmatic and to the point.

That is if I’m going to read reviews at all. Most of the time I try to start with a fresh perspective. Until I have unlimited time and money though, that won’t always be an option.