I don’t mess around when it comes to dessert. After all, if we’re going to travel down the path to an early heart attack, we might as well do it right. As such, I believe ice cream should always come drenched in melted chocolate, with mounds of whipped cream, and littered with gummy bears and snickers bars, and whatever other candy topping I can shovel into my mouth.

Mind you, this isn’t something to do every day, or even every week. This is for those special occasions. Getting fat isn’t on my bucket list.

In the comic world (which is the only world of true importance on this page), we have a classic case of Ryan’s impulsiveness clashing with Mike’s over-thinking. Ryan recognizes what he wants and is geared to go get it right away, but Mike sees this and thinks of a way to get it in the best (or most insane) way possible. If we had the time and space to add Michelle and Amy to the mix, they would have each had different reactions. Who knows what might have happened?

This was also an opportunity to put Mike back in the lab coat, post-incident. The accidental shock and ensuing trials did not dull his drive towards scientific experimentation, even if it currently only involves sugary treats.