This E3 was my first, and the constant bombardment by visual stimuli was perhaps only matched in its destruction of my psyche by the rapid pace with which I carved a swathe through the various game demonstrations. With two weeks spent spinning through material for my other writing position, I scarcely had a moment to consider writing a comic about the experience. As life returned to a normal pace, I was able to carve away the excess and discover the hidden comic gem inside.

The ladies working the Nintendo booths were by far the most fascinating denizens to grace the floor of the show. And this was not just because they were beautiful girls in black miniskirts. It was more to the point that there were so many of them. A girl was posted at every station including Wii, 3DS, and Wii U, while a few wandered with DSi XLs tethered to their belt. There must have been at least 30 in the room at any given time. Some were very helpful in explaining their product, others would hardly answer questions about anything at all, a few decided to chat with me about completely unrelated topics, and one rare gem actually discussed video games with serious interest. The girl showcased in today’s comic was kind enough to take the fourth spot in a game of the New Super Mario Bros. Mii tech demo. Her subsequent attempts to destroy me were not taken kindly, but I succeeded at finishing the level despite the sabotage. Everyone else died.

The idea that 3D is an important experience that people need to have in their home was a large part of Sony’s E3 message this year. Nintendo, despite having the only dedicated 3D device, remained mum on the topic in regards to their home console announcement. The idea of forgoing 3D support entirely seems unnecessary. Why hedge their bets either way when they can play both sides? Their decision to allow it while leaving the decision up to developers seems like the most prudent one. Since the system will probably start life as a dumping ground for PS3 and 360 ports, I’d imagine a port of Super Stardust HD with 3D capability will be an obvious choice.

We have reached an agreement here at Smashing Avatar. This decision has been carefully made, and is as final until we change our mind. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is the greatest movie of all time. Watching it again the other night for the god-knows-how-many-th time reinforced that determination. It has everything which is important to us. Video game references, good music, good chip-tune music, martial arts and action, and comedy. And this list is hardly exhaustive. Others have disagreed with me, and that is their right. Only two people need to agree for me to make that declaration here, however. At least that is what I tell Ryan. In reality it is only one.