I think you can get an idea of how excited we are about what was announced at E3 this year, particularly regarding Nintendo’s offering. It’s still difficult to process it all.

The things that most excite us, the Zeldas, Smash Bros characters, Halo Collections, new Uncharted, should be fairly expected. Our intense love of these classics can blind us from many of the unknown games that could be amazing in their own right.

It’s hard to pick up on these games unless you’re walking around on the E3 show floor, something I haven’t done in a few years, since I worked on the OldSchoolApps game blog. If you comb through various microblogs, you can find the occasional indie title, but it would be drowned out 5-1 by numerous posts for each major release.

There is some attention to games that fall somewhere in between, minor release by major publishers. Nintendo’s strategy RPG Code Names: STEAM got a pretty spectacular announcement. Though I imagine if a Final Fantasy Tactics sequel was announced, it would set the Internet on fire. There would be very little comparison, no matter which game was actually better.

And I mean…Pac Man in Smash Bros…man. That’s pretty sweet.