Yesterday was Star Wars Day, but we don’t do comics on Sundays, so…there. Your new Star Wars Smashing Avatar comic comes in on the 5th, with a great vengeance. It’s not like we really need an excuse to have a Star Wars comic. We love them. We love pretty much everything about Star Wars, and we will continue making comics about it until time itself ceases to exist. Or we do. Whichever comes first.

The X-Wing and Tie Fighter games themselves are lost gems from the 90s that may never be reproduced with modern graphics, and modern Internet Connections for multiplayer. We will forever be stuck with the only true Star Wars flight simulators having sharp jagged polygons and laggy multiplayer. Though I suppose if you could get the game running on a bunch of computers and setup some multiplayer matches, it would be a lot better with today’s broadband connections.

There’s one other device that would help the game, and that’s the Oculus Rift, but if that thing causes any little bit of motion sickness in Skyrim and other modern first person games, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter would be turned into a full motion vomit simulator.