Finally, the actual final strip in our “What Really Happened” story arc. Thank you for your patience. These kinds of things take a bit of time when you only post…two strips…six panels…each week. We’ll get back to our regular single gag strips on Thursday.

I watched a lot of Eureka this weekend, now that Netflix finally has the second half of the fourth season, the half containing the beautiful and adorably quirky Felicia Day. I’m not sure why it took so long. I’m not referring to the streaming release, which was surprisingly fast, but to Netflix having that half season at all.

For some reason, the disc based versions weren’t available until recently either. They might not be now. I wouldn’t know or care. Why watch something on disc when you can have it instantly on streaming? Ever. The extra bonus features maybe? Who cares. With so much streaming content, you might as well move on and watch another series with your time.

I went to see American Reunion last night.and found it surprisingly good for a fourth movie in its series. I don’t really do movie reviews, but I can say that everyone present laughed quite a bit. That’s good enough for me.