The use of “X” to stand in for the word “cross” in the title is meant to be ironic. I do not believe that it is an acceptable substitution. I am not sure why “Street Fighter vs. Tekken” was not a sufficient name. Apparently that would be too twenty-ought for Capcom and Namco. They must have considered a few other possibilities though.

PlayStation Network went down yesterday, which is a scary thing considering recent history. You might not have noticed though, because it was back up in relatively short order. I only noticed because I tried to access it in the morning to window shop. Sony apologized, but they are not offering any free stuff. It doesn’t hurt to hope though.

I finished Star Fox 64 3D today. Perhaps someone can tell me if it is normal to finish it so quickly. I know there are other paths to the end of the game, but I didn’t expect to find one with only 7 levels on my first try if at all. As much fun as those levels were, it disappointed me somewhat. I was hoping the plot would have a few twists and turns, but I ended up plowing straight through the enemy lines unabated.

I picked up BioShock today, which some might consider long overdue. Actually, I consider it long overdue. My mistake was putting it in after I got home tonight. I heard the register girl mention something about it being scary, but I did not quite grasp how terrifying the game would be. I’m actually still writing this at 1:30AM because I really don’t want to try to get to sleep. I might write a few comics now or watch TV for a while. Perhaps I’ll pop in Kirby’s Epic Yarn to counteract residual memories of BioShock’s haunting atmosphere. It might not help though. I’m pretty sure this game has made me afraid of the dark again.