I’ve discussed BloodRayne: Betrayal a few times over the past few weeks. It was released early in September and we have finally gotten around to our comic about it. The game is exceedingly difficult. Upon numerous occasions I tossed the controller away, feeling angry and defeated. I imagine Rayne might find other ways to occupy her time.

I’ve spent the last two days chugging various teas in an attempt to coerce my immune system into expelling whatever illness has befallen me. It’s not exactly working. Rest is supposed to be the number one priority, but then who is going to post the comic?

I can’t really focus on topics through the fog blanketing my mind, so here is the deal that I will make with you. I am going to finish this post in a few sentences and go let my mind slip out of consciousness. Then tomorrow I’ll grab X-Men: Destiny, play some Zelda Four Swords (which you can get free on 3DS or DSi now), and on Saturday I’ll report back with a full blog post. It will be on the home page for your perusal. It is my plan to make a Saturday blog post a regular occurrence on top of the current Monday and Thursday comic schedule.