I’m not saying it has happened, but it could. I always say a little prayer when I get on a plane with predetermined seating. When flying with Southwest and their open seating, holding out till a goodly number of the other passengers have boarded gives me the luxury of choosing next to whom I sit. It’s a pretty simple strategy.

Recently I have been fairly lucky. I have had the fortuity to sit next to a few interesting and quite cute girls. This hinges on my other theory. It states that, should the plane start to plummet to the earth, it would be best to have a pleasant final moment. It seems fair. When presented with my own mortality, and not given the option to share some sort of tender moment, I’ll take whatever beauty I can get.

I guess what I’m saying is that, if I am going to leave this world tomorrow, I don’t want my last vision of existence to be some beefy dude.

I’ve heard a few stories like this recently. Some kid racks up an unreasonably large amount of charges on some game or site through micro-transactions, and his parents (reasonably) freak out. In this latest case, it was a teenager, but that doesn’t really change anything.

What little I know about legal type things is that minors are pretty much not obligated to any contract they sign. I know there are some exceptions, but I don’t think “fake goods purchased on the Internet” makes the list. Given that, and given that Facebook would not lose much by just refunding the money and deleting whatever fake currency is left and any fake goods that were purchased with it, I really have to wonder how they let it get to the point of a lawsuit.

Maybe something good will come out of it. By the time my theoretical future children start stealing my credit card, hopefully Facebook’s point system will have a few more fail-safes built into it. That way when they blow $20,000 to buy a fake car and fill it with fake gas to virtually drive to the fake movies every day, I won’t be held responsible.