We’re finishing up a fictional journey today. Someone called me a liar because I did not actually go to New York this week. They certainly have a point, but comics must be served up. It is much cheaper for fictional Mike to fly across the country than it is for me.

It is true that I have traditionally returned to my home town in New York to see the dentist. Someone once asked what kind of crack he gives us, because my entire family has the same tendency. He’s just a really awesome dentist. There’s not much else to say about it.

I might also have a genuine fear that if I go to a dentist other than the one I grew up with, they’ll make up fake conditions and cavities and start drilling all around. And maybe they’ll do a root canal. Why not sell my teeth on the black market? How would I know that they are lying to me? These questions need serious consideration.

I may as well talk a bit more about Rainbow Moon, with which I spent a lot more time this week. They beginning of the game was intriguing, but it lacked the complexity of the standard strategy role playing games. Or the standard for strategy role playing games, which is Final Fantasy Tactics. They have yet to make another game like it in the last decade, so it is still my basis for comparison.

You start with only one character on Rainbow Moon, and additional companions are added very slowly. There is very little strategy involved in moving one or two characters around a map and hitting things. Even the coordination with several characters is somewhat simplified. It seems to be that they did this in favor of loading up the field with lots of monsters at a time.

My main beef is that the enemies are patently dumb. They’ll go out of their way to avoid attacking your characters at times, and almost always gang up on your main tank, ignoring other squishier characters. There is rarely any need to actively protect them. In perennial strategy series like Fire Emblem and Advanced Wars, if you leave a weekly defended unit out in the open, the enemy will make you pay for it. In Rainbow Moon they’ll run around in circles if they can’t reach your chief meat shield.