Pokemon Black and White 2 came out yesterday. Yay?

Not having particularly enjoyed the first one, I am uninterested in playing a direct sequel. In my view, Pokemon games are low budget RPGs made for children and adults with obsessive tendencies. I might occasionally fall into the latter group, but I try not to fall into obvious traps like World of Warcraft, The Lottery, and American Idol.

When I call Pokemon games “low budget”, I am not referring to their graphical simplicity. I believe that my love for games with simple two dimensional graphics has been well established. The gameplay and graphics of Pokemon Black and White are perfectly adequate. They failed to draw me in because of the immature dialog, and lack of interesting plot devices. Pokemon games in general lack the compelling stories that normally push me to finish RPGs.

The irony of the plot of Black and White pertaining to a group of characters who want to free all Pokemon somehow made the game less interesting. It is acknowledging that fighting Pokemon for sport may be wrong, and somehow concluding that it is not. In a game, a little suspension of belief is warranted, but it’s not normally a good idea to point straight at the thing that players are trying to ignore.

You might have guessed that this opinion is not universally held within the Smashing Avatar family. Artist Ryan is nearly as excited as Comic Ryan in this respect. Perhaps not to dressing up as Pikachu levels, but from our brief conversations on the subject, it is close. I’ll let him defend his love for all things Pokemon.

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