There happened to be a Ping Pong table at Ryan’s previous apartment complex and the activity seems an obvious choice for people of our competitive nature. Past experience with racquet sports has given me a slight edge over my compatriots in this arena. I don’t think it would be effective against anyone with actual skills, but I am willing to discover the truth of this. The comic we created on the matter might imply some misguided chivalrous tendency on my part. I assure you that this is only mostly the case.

I have yet to have sufficient cause to purchase a PSP. A number of exclusive games have sorely tempted me; chief among them Sega’s Valkyria Chronicles series, which has been entirely dedicated to the portable since the first sequel. Square Enix also has a set of dedicated PSP titles which I have looked on with jealousy. Most of my regards go towards Final Fantasy titles. Crisis Core fills a gap in the Final Fantasy VII story that demand be filled. And now the completely new Final Fantasy Type 0 is coming with its dark story of war and intrigue. The details so far give me hope of something that recreates the twists and turns of Final Fantasy Tactics.

Speaking of the beloved SRPG title, the War of the Lions remake of Final Fantasy Tactics was once another PSP game to covet, but the recent release on the iPhone finally allows another medium for enjoying the title. The new FMVs are a welcome addition and are well done as expected. I was surprised to find voice acting added to them as well. The dialog has been completely re-translated into something more akin to proper old English. Much of the terminology used fits well with the Song of Ice and Fire books which I am still reading.

Many of the complaints I have read about disparage the image quality, claiming that the game does not make use of the better screen of the iPhone 4 and that it results in slightly blurry text. It is not really that bad, but I agree it that could be better. My main issue is with the touch screen controls. The iPhone has decent precision as far as a smart phone is concerned, but it is still not quite good enough to comfortably handle the amount of menu navigation required for a tactical role playing game. When choosing actions and squares on the map it feels clunky. It is a problem that one can adapt to, but I cannot help but feel that the port would have been better served on the a system like the 3DS, which uses a stylus. I do suppose I could use a stylus on my iPhone, but that would not be what I would consider the intended play style.