We have decided to dedicate both strips this week to our adventures between Los Angeles and Seattle on the journey to PAX. Next week we will return to our regularly scheduled one, two, punchline comics. For now, get ready for a montage!

I am only just getting to discussing that which every person who has played Deus Ex has noticed by now. That first boss is brutal. Sure it might have helped if I hadn’t put most of my upgrade points into hacking and sneaking around related abilities, but I think it is more a matter of obtaining the correct armament. All of my weapon upgrades were spent making my standard pistol the most effective murdering tool. Despite all of those upgrades, it had little effect on the machine gun toting brute. I actually had to explore the level again to obtain a better suited armament. In the end a shotgun in the face resolved the dispute quite well.

Thurday’s comic will cover the trip home. but a few other things happened at PAX. I want to talk about BloodRayne, but it is out tomorrow so I will wait to play the full version.

We played a little 4 player tower defense game called Dungeon Defenders and found it quite to our liking. It is not the usual brand of tower defense and as such it made it past my usual restrictions. Chief among them is my “No Tower Defense Game” rule. This one has added a healthy does of hacking and slashing to the midst along with item collection and magic powers. Nothing thrills me more than cutting through a horde of monsters. Nothing.

A young man stood up at the Q&A session and spent a significant amount of time failing to actually ask a question. He was not the only person to use the podium to prevail upon the Penny Arcade creators for some sort of favor, but his was certainly the most awkward. He started with a request that they use some sort of transitive influence to reach Will Wheaton through Felicia Day and ended with a plea to vote for Ron Paul. That was certainly unexpected. I felt bad for the young man, because the feeling of discomfort emanating from both stage and crowd was palpable and he appeared determined to make his cause heard. It was not the worst moment in the history of Q&A panels to be sure. At a Marvel Comics panel in San Diego some poor soul dropped spoilers on the crowd. I am uncertain if he made it out alive.