Comic con! It’s here, and we’re there, and so is everyone else. Even for preview night the crowds were insane. Getting to panels will be cut-throat.

I’m writing this on my iPhone in the hotel room, because apparently Interwebs are at a premium. I will email it to a man, who will pass it to a currier, to a carrier pidgeon, to a trained gopher. Hopefully it makes it to you.

We’re trying to make this a more professional type trip, by looking at panels that will better help us to serve you. “Trying” is the operative word, because there are a great many distractions.

Some of those distractions will make it into the next few comics though, so there is some benefit to you. That is our mission after all.

We’ll also be on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus with whatever we find throughout the con, so be sure to follow us there.