There is little to say about the comic today. Sometimes a comic can speak well enough for itself. I hope that is the case most of the time, actually. I don’t like to get into the habit of explaining every joke to our readers. What I can tell you, is that we will not be exploring their night out any further at this juncture.

I have two other things to discuss today. Or maybe three.

Firstly, Nintendo has a list of release day titles for the Wii U, along with a list of “launch window” titles that will be out in the first 6 months of the system’s life. The volume of games is unprecedented.

The simple explanation, and drawback, is that a significant portion of the games are ports. There are a few top shelf ports though, like Batman: Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed 3 (which only releases about 2 weeks before on PS3), Ninja Gaiden 3, and Darksiders 2. If you haven’t played those games, every one is a good buy for the new system.

I haven’t gone through the entire list to pick out the original games, but I can tell you which ones will be in my shopping cart on launch day. The choices are easy. New Super Mario Bros U, ZombiU, and Scribblenauts Unlimited all make the cut, along with Nintendo Land which is part of the premium system bundle. There are some party games on the list that might warrant further investigation, but I think I’ll be skipping the Wii Fit train this time.

I’ll be brief on my last two items. A package arrived at my apartment the other day containing a new iPhone 5. I was surprised, not because I hadn’t ordered one, but because I’d forgotten all about it, and it was a few days early. They didn’t even send out a shipping notification. Anyway, it is a beautiful little device. It scares me how light and thin it feels. I’m still waiting for its case to arrive and make me feel safe.

It blows away my old iPhone 4 in terms of speed. Everything is snappier and the interface feels much more smooth. I haven’t had a ton of opportunity to use the new features. I’m sure Siri will come in handy some day, but for now it’s just a faster, prettier, lighter, thinner iPhone, and that’s enough to make me happy.

Last item on my list, my friend David posted a video on YouTube of lines from a bunch of characters he voiced in the game Sleeping Dogs. It is hilarious, and you should check it out.

His fake Chinese accent is best.