If you didn’t see X-Men: Days of Future Past this weekend, I highly recommend you get down to it very soon. I’m not going to spoil anything here for you, but the Internet is vast and you can’t always control who you interact with.

My point is that spoilers are out there. The blogs I read are usually careful to avoid them, but even the big ones like Kotaku are not perfect. Kotaku once posted an article with Batman: Arkham City spoilers in the title. They spoiled the end of the game for even for readers who would avoid clicking on the article.

The one thing I will say about Days of Future Past is that echoes a sentiment I saw on Ryan’s Facebook a few days ago. It is a dark, dark movie. This is not terribly surprising, considering that even the 90s cartoon adaptation of the story was pretty dark, at a time when most Saturday morning cartoons were all sunshine and daisies.

I’m assuming that the movie did very well in the Box Office, because it was sold out Saturday night when we went to see Godzilla, and we ended up switching to a later showing and waiting in line for an hour last night since there were only front row seats left when we arrived about 15 minutes before the start (of the previews).

I haven’t waited in in line to get seats for a movie in…ever. Normally, I would consider it not worth the time, but the other options, sitting in the front row with light blasting in our eyes or trying to get a refund and returning another day, were not ideal either.