I saw a supposed leaked list of games slated to be shown off by each of the Big 3 game companies at E3 this year, and I immediately jumped for joy when I saw a Wii U full Zelda game with title and everything, implying that it would be coming this year or early next. The leak became a little too believable though, when scrolling down revealed Castlevania Symphony of the Night 2 for 3DS, Star Wars Battlefront 3 for Xbox One, Uncharted 4 for PS4, and concrete evidence that Santa Claus is in fact real.

When the Zelda/Dynasty Warriors love child was announced, at first I thought the news was evidence that the list was a forgery, but upon reviewing the list and seeing Hyrule Warriors present and accounted for, I feel renewed hope that all of those titles are truly going to be at E3.

Castlevania man. I’ve been waiting almost 20 years for this shit. Don’t disappoint me Konami.