It is well known that Mario abuses innocent creatures and demolishes his friends’ houses for fun, but maybe you didn’t realize the extent of his oppressive regime. His latest adventure brings the coin collecting to a whole new level, making it more important than ever before. What I am trying to say is that your net wealth is displayed on the screen at all times. Greed is the name of the game.

New Super Mario Brothers 2: Steal Bowser’s Lunch Money Edition is still an incredibly fun game. It is still Mario. You still run and jump and bounce on things. It has plenty of new features and interesting types of platform puzzles. It is everything you would expect for Nintendo’s numero uno plumber mascot.

They dialed back the difficulty a bit though. The rotating dinosaur sub-boss levels were incredibly easy. Even easier than the old “Bounce on a Koopa Kid’s head and avoid it while it turns into a spiky ball” battles. Those took the place of each world’s final boss battle as usual, and while they did shake it up a little with underwater rooms and chain chomp driven vehicles, they were still not too impressive. I was glad to see the return of the variety of the Koopa Kids, but their tactics were not as complex or difficult to work out as they could have been.

New Super Mario Bros 2 makes up for difficulty with replay value though. The coin collection continues to extend to the giant coins that are a now a stable of the series. They can be used to unlock power-up levels, extra paths in the game, and the “Star World” bonus area. Each level also has a high score coin counter, which contributes to the quest for more money. In all, while the game might not take very long to play to the end, much time can be spent searching for giant coins and unlocking and exploring new areas.