My PS3 is dead, and I am devastated. It happened without warning. It happened without provocation. And I have very few ideas, except to sit here and wait for it to magically work again. It could happen.

Most likely the PS3 overheated due to dust buildup, old age, and the general warm temperatures in my apartment. It is odd though. Usually overheating occurs when performing some intense graphics processing for a game, but I have not used it for anything but Netflix in several weeks. Netflix is not the most greedy program in the world, and the PS3 should barely break a sweat running it.

So I cleaned out as much dust as possible, re-seated the hard drive, and will leave the entire system unplugged for a few hours while I pray. Maybe, just maybe, it will function again tonight.

If any of you readers have any advice on how to fix it, or whether you think I should even try, I am all ears. I understand that if a solder connection failed, fixing the issue will be extremely difficult. Perhaps it’s not worth the time. We shall see.