We encountered this individual in line for a panel. Being in line you have to be very careful who you interact with, because there is no possible manner of escape once a conversation is started. The best you can hope for is to let it fade and suffer through the awkward silence that follows.

We knew this panel was about Street Fighter, but we had no idea the extent of the madness it had in store. They showed the requisite trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken on Vita. They talked a bit about some of the features. None of this really thrilled us, but such is to be expected.

Then they trotted out Hello Kitty Chun Li.

Surprisingly the room was fairly receptive to this. We hadn’t done proper research on this one. It had said something about an anniversary, so we figured there’d be some cool extras involving concept art and the like. Many of the other people in the room must have known about this Hello Kitty shit ahead of time, because they actually seemed excited at the announcement.

We didn’t know. We weren’t excited. We walked out.