It really is (the real) Ryan’s birthday celebration today, so make sure you wish him congratulations on a year further toward senility. Maybe. It’s either that or one more year towards being mauled by a mountain lion. That’s my guess anyway.

The PS4 release wasn’t a total disaster, but the rumors of dead units shipping out to early adopters, and then reanimating and eating their owners, certainly give one pause. It’s definitely a risk you take when you get a system at launch. Things don’t always go smoothly, and there aren’t additional units in stores to quickly replace broken ones.

The games I really want aren’t out until after the holidays anyway. I’m told I have to get Destiny. It does look amazing, and it also will release on PS3, but I’d like to jump straight into the next generation clean of current gen games that I might want to upgrade. I’m waiting on Assassin’s Creed Black Flag as well. When Infamous Second Son and Watch Dogs release next year, I’ll catch up on the stuff I missed.

In the meantime Nintendo has me covered with Wind Waker U, Super Mario 3D World in a few days, and Zelda A Link Between Worlds as well. There’s plenty to go around.