My hopes to try the fan translation of Final fantasy Type 0 have been dashed, since they were issued a takedown notice . It sounds a lot like the creator of the translation caught an inkling that Square Enix was going to scuttle his project, and threw it out into the wild so that it could live on and be free.

I’d say I missed out, but then buying the import copy of the game and dealing with patching it would have been something of an ordeal, compared to just waiting for Square Enix’s official English version.

I know a lot of gamers are upset that the official translation is going to be PS4 remaster instead of a handheld like the original. Really though, Vita fans are upset because they don’t own a PS4. If they had a PS4, they’d be psyched to have the better graphics.

I don’t have a Vita, but I do have a PSP. I’m not terribly upset that it didn’t sail west on its original platform, because I will certainly buy a PS4 eventually.

Maybe I should be upset that they didn’t port it to PS3, which is arguably Sony’s most viable system right now, and more than capable of handling the game.