I’m a little surprised that the announcement for next 3DS Pokemon game came so early, and with so little info. Seems like they went to a lot of trouble to release a trailer that essentially boiled down to a screenshot of the box art.

Not that a Pokemon game requires a lot of detailed information. If it doesn’t look and play almost exactly like X and Y with the starters and region Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire, I will be astonished.

Note: The following was written by my girlfriend when she stole my iPad as I was writing this.

However, with all of the previous versions- their new release should promote exciting and new features to catch Pokefanatics and win over the hearts of new audiences. Not to mention that I haven’t finished Pokemon Y yet, and I believe that includes the previous black and white and their sequel Black and White II. I’m not against the new arrival of the new poke-series because I would love to include this baby in my collection but heyyy give me a chance to finish playing one game first!…

Okay, I’m back. And I suppose I should admit that I didn’t finish X either, but I’m seriously working on it. At some point I also plan on playing through White, White 2, and Soul Silver, so I definitely have my work cut out for me. Here goes nothing.