Honestly, if you didn’t get a little emotional during the first five minutes of Up, you probably have no soul, but there is certainly a division between guys and girls on this subject. I think I’ve said before that last minute rescues hit me the hardest. Provided it’s not done in a stupid way, like in any Die Hard movie or The Matrix Re-Something, in which you feel no real tension because the hero is an avatar of awesomeness.

The Walking Dead (the adventure game by Telltale, not the shooter that is being made) is an entirely different animal. It isn’t sad in the way the comics or television show are. It’s not just about losing beloved characters or witnessing horrifying acts of violence. There really isn’t a comparison I can make that will convey how sad it is. And I can’t explain it without spoilers. Just go play it. It’s not that long and you can probably get a steam deal.

I’ll wait.