Flight attendants rarely betray any nervousness. They are all sunny dispositions and less than earnest explanations. If I want any sort of truth from then I find it necessary to focus on that which is left unsaid. Regardless, there is no leaving a plane without it landing, safely or otherwise. Besides yielding to the fantasy that I am an aeronautical prodigy, I have always found that the best way to quell my fears is to place my trust in the training of the pilot and get smashed as quickly as possible.

The news of a 3DS price drop is odd, but hardly alarming. I frequently hear talk that the dedicated handheld market is on the verge of collapsing in its entirety because every phone in existence contains its own gaming platform. That might work for the public at large, but gamers need buttons. No phone has yet been able to duplicate the experience available on the DS or PSP or even the Game Boy when it truly comes down to it. I have tried playing Sonic on my iPhone repeatedly and it brings me only misery in the end.

As far as touch experiences are concerned, the 3DS has the advantage of easy use with a stylus. It matter very little whether the technical prowess of the iPhone touch screen exceeds that of the 3DS. The 3DS touch screen simply feels more functional and precise. I do not see myself playing at surgery on my iPhone anytime soon. I am also hesitant to buy any game with too complex controls. Its version of Final Fantasy Tactics will either be the definitive version, or entirely unplayable. There is no place to rest in between.

I am excited to pick out my 10 “free” NES games and 10 “free” GBA games. I use quotations because the cost of these games is rolled into the $80 premium I payed as an early adopter of the system. If the games are $5 each, then it adds up neatly, except that when so many games must be chosen the likelihood of each choice being desirable takes a drastic plunge. Let us not forget that many NES games are already available on the Wii Virtual Console. My allowances for buying these games more than once typically do not extend to digital versions, particularly considering that there are so many “cheaper” ways to play them. There I go using quotations again. You can figure that one out.