Hunted is a game I enjoyed thoroughly, and although it released a few weeks ago, we feel it still deserves its very own comic. Despite fair warning from Gabriel over at Penny Arcade, we attempted co-op on a single television and found it as severely lacking as was foretold. I believe Ryan’s response was “I can’t see anything.” At least he was able to witness the game’s implementation of ritual communal with restless spirits, and thus a comic was born.

I purchased Game of Thrones with the sole purpose of understanding the recent week long story ark which has been dedicated to it over at PvP. Scott makes light of the political intrigue, but even a few chapters in I can see that the rivalries between noble houses will be deadly serious. Just the map drawn inside the cover gives a hint at the purpose of the title. The lands are covered in little diamonds representing castles, which I can only assume contain a throne each.

I still have a huge stack of games on my coffee table, mostly from the last year or so. Infamous 2 has occupied a significant portion of my week, but I also popped in Metroid: Other M for some time and found myself agreeing with most of the complaints that I’d read about. I wouldn’t say that it is guilty of showing Samus as overly human or weak, so much as it overindulges in her narration. I have many more serious concerns though. Pointing the Wiimote at the screen to switch between first and third person modes is far too arduous for use in exploration and I cannot abide the frozen camera view. The camera angle often makes it difficult to see the certain enemies and I truly do not understand why they did not implement a dynamic camera view in this day and age.

We went to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon last night and were amazed at how unexpectedly good it is. If you take it for what it is, a movie with lots of explosions, giant robots beating each other, and silly humor, you will definitely have fun watching it. It was a little weird to see the scenes people in the theater would clap for. Sam making out with his token female lead and girlfriend just wasn’t quite so exciting this time around. Ryan tried out a slow clap in a few scenes involving particular badassery, at which point I elbowed him in the ribs. Twice.

This completes our first full week of comic updates. It may not seem that impressive with only two updates each week, but it is really exciting to us to be publishing comics at all. With Monday’s update coming up next, we will be switching back to something far more broadly known. However, we do reserve the right to indulge in any topic that catches our fancy. Hit up our comments and let us know what you think.