Have you recovered from your food coma yet? I hope so, because it’s time to get back to work. Coming off a weekend that felt like the longest ever, it is going to be an immense struggle. We managed to pull it together for a Zelda related comic though. In case you haven’t played Skyward Sword, you should know that you can sleep in any bed in that game. Any at all. The people who own those beds seem not to mind at all though. I guess that makes it okay.

Game release schedules work mercifully quiet last week, which, combined with the vacation, left plenty of time to power through the current backlog. I finished up Uncharted 3, which was quite satisfying, but missing something at the same time. After the intense boss fight in the second game, I suppose I expected something more out of its sequel. I’m tip-toeing around spoilers here, but I guess my point is that I was mildly disappointed by when the game was over. I wanted more.

I can’t imagine an Uncharted 4, mostly because I believe all series should stop at the status of trilogy, but also because there is a limit to the formula. Lost ancient cities are not a dime a dozen. For starters they are priceless. And once you find it, it’s not really lost anymore. They are going to have to think outside the box for the continuation of the series. They might be able to get away with Zelda’s method of making the games take place in unrelated worlds, except that Uncharted uses a real world setting. We only have one of those.