You probably thought with Christmas passing, that we’d be done with Holiday related comics. You’d be wrong. We’re just getting this party started. By which I mean that Monday is New Years Eve, so we’re obviously going to talk about that. What we will do after this almost literal gravy train passes is anyone’s guess.

It’s generally wise to get your decorations down sometime before mid-January to avoid looking like a crazy person, but be reasonable. It takes more than one day to celebrate Christmas. There might be some late gifts to put under that tree. And the electric company people have families to feed as well. Think of all the good you’re doing by making your house visible from outer space.

Eggnog is very important, and I was distraught at my negligence in buying it before the grocery store ran out on Christmas Eve. I think Ryan’s response would be “Just drink the rum straight”, which I suppose is reasonable in a utilitarian sense. Nutmeg is equally important to the concoction, and I bought extra of that, but without the eggnog it all just seems pointless to me.