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I’ve been playing Ingress for the past week or two since the game was release for iPhone. I got my girlfriend started on it with the hopes that we could play together, but at first she wasn’t too enthusiastic. I think the first few levels are too boring and time consuming. All you can really do is hack portals and move on, especially when almost everything in our area is owned by the opposite team and set to the maximum level.

But the tone of our play changed today, when she accidentally got her friend playing it. They took down the school library portal together, and were super psyched to keep tearing the world down. It still takes a lot of artillery to destroy even one portal, but when playing with friends it is less tedious and more exciting. We spent a good part of the afternoon running around destroying, building and linking portals to create a good sized field.

Of course, all of that work was quickly undone by the next enemy agent to come along with higher level gear, but I try not to think too much about that. We’ll just blow it all up next time we roll through that area, preferably at a time when the sun is not beating down quite so hard.

This may be the first time I ever got a sunburn playing a video game.