Mythical creatures are always transforming and disguising themselves. It’s their best defense mechanism, aside from the razor sharp claws and massive teeth. The usual safe haven for vicious beasts is human form, but as Pokemon has evidenced, a little cuteness will go a long way.

Nintendo finally appears to be releasing the promised free GBA games for the 3DS Ambassador program. Supposedly they will be available tomorrow, but we shall see. It’s a fairly strong list, including Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Mario Kart franchises.

The information so far has indicated that they would not be particularly functional, which is somewhat disappointing. What use is Mario Kart without some sort of multiplayer? And how can we manage handheld games in these modern times without a quick saving feature? At least the games should look better when compared to the free NES games. These games were designed to play on a small screen, whereas I felt the NES sprites looked a bit diminutive in this format.

Christmas is approaching at breakneck speed now. I have less than a week before I embark on my yearly pilgrimage to the frozen tundra of the northeastern corner of the United States. It isn’t so bad. Celebrating in Southern California feels false in many ways. The palm trees overhead and persistent sunlight cast a shadow over the festivities. It’s imperative that I experience some discomfort along with my joy, or else I can’t possibly comprehend the extent of my elation. In other words, if I don’t see a few pine trees and funny hats, I will turn into a Grinch before the month is over.

Perhaps it is too late. Go spread some holiday cheer on our fan and pages, and keep an eye on them for more Smashing Avatar. Next week our comics will be kringled out.