I have had a little time with the Pulse
Elite Headset
both with my PS3 wirelessly at home and with my iPhone in a few fairly noisy environments.

The sound is pretty good, though I am not exactly an audiophile. They sound about the same as my other pair of cheaper wired noise canceling headphones.

I was more concerned with their noise canceling abilities, comfort, and wireless/wired dual function. They block out ambient noise pretty well, especially when listening to music. Actually, in multiple tests with different headphones, both noise canceling types prevented me from hearing what my girlfriend was saying to me. Success!

They are more comfortable to me than other headphones, because they clamp on the ears to support themselves, while still not feeling too tight. This way the headband doesn’t dig into my head. So far so good.

The last part, the wireless function, is great with the PS3. I just leave the dongle plugged in, and can forget about having to pair it or unpair it with other devices. It works well with a wire too, and doesn’t require power when used as such.

I’m not a big shooter fan, so the bass rumble feedback is probably something I will never really use, but it seems neat. I haven’t had a chance to test it in an extended play session to see how the battery life works. I haven’t done an 8 hour gaming marathon in a few years though, so I’m not worries.