I don’t really have a strong opinion regarding the words discussed in this comic. Except to say that a single word cannot be malignant. It is the manner in which we use it that betrays our ill intentions. You might try to say that these words are synonyms in any context, but you would be wrong.

Wandering down to my local GameStop this afternoon, I was immediately informed of the horror of the $100 collector’s edition of Batman: Arkham City. Luckily my lack of space for huge collectable figurines will save me the extra $40. The employee also informed me of the heresy inherent in my failure to play the original Batman: Arkham Asylum. She shamed me to such a point that I had no choice but to pick up that game and a pre-order for its sequel (the non-collectable version). Her coworker even somehow convinced me to sign myself to their discount service. I am deeply ashamed.

Comic Con is going on right this very moment. Ryan will be wandering its halls between Thursday and Friday, but due to the obligations of my alternate life, I will only be able to attend the spectacle on Saturday. If my employer had asked for my input regarding which weekend during which business should be conducted (which they only occasionally do), I would have told them there was not a chance in hell that I would work this one. Circumstances at this time do not offer me any sort of control, so I have no other option but to make the trip to San Diego and back in a single epic day.

It is interesting to consider the effect blog writing can have on normal conversation. I was sending a text message to a friend about Comic Con while writing this very blog. The previous paragraph appeared in an almost complete, albeit embryonic, form. After hitting the send button, I was compelled to apologize. I was rather embarrassed by the sheer verbosity. Such things have a time and place.