Potential for more violence? Oh yes. We are approaching the finale. We plan to run it on Halloween day, which is a Wednesday, but you’ll be able to see it on Thursday too. Technology!

A little while ago I downloaded a bunch of games for my PS3, and then got absorbed with both Borderlands 2 and Dishonored. This week I finally got back to one of my downloads, Double Dragon Neon. The game intimidated me at first, because it is pretty high on the difficulty scale. So far it’s harder than BloodRayne: Betrayal, but easier than Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

More than either of those games, though, it oozes nostalgia. The sprites from the original Double Dragon appear on the map screen and a few other places, the level introduction screen and music is straight of out the original, and, despite not being chip tunes, the level music has an 80s sound that will take you back.

The gameplay itself has become more complex, with fighting more akin to Streets of Rage than the original Double Dragon, and an upgrade system somewhat like River City Ransom. It’s a lot more fun, and being able to buy upgrades, special abilities, and extra lives mitigates the difficulty somewhat.

You’re still trying to rescue your girlfriend from a gang, but the plot jumps the shark very quickly into science fiction fantasy at a level I wouldn’t have believed possible. You could actually see this in the demo. They launched a building into outer space. And then there are robots and a chatty undead samurai villain. It’s a little funky, but then they’re trying to recreate the 80s.