I had a preorder out for a PS4 at one point via Amazon. I was rather excited about the next generation being delivered to my door with minimal fuss. But then they delayed Watch Dogs, and it suddenly seemed less worth the investment so early on.

Of course I had a choice to make: Keep my preorder and sell my shiny new unit on Amazon, or drop it and leave it for someone else to get. I chose the latter, mostly to save myself the trouble.

I’ve been confronted with this type of dilemma before. Back when we waited in line for the Wii launch, my 3 roommates and I put our name down for only one console. One other early camper, knowing the value of the system, offered each of us a cut to put our names in and let him buy the console in our stead. I declined, because it seemed even more douchey on his part to try to screw later arrivals out of consoles by using proxies.

It’s like the stories of homeless people being payed to wait in line for consoles, only marginally less sad, and with slightly lower chance of someone getting stabbed.

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