We continue our theoretical examination of an entry to the Strip Search reality show. Being on camera is certainly daunting. I don’t have a real problem with it, and Ryan will be more than comfortable since his job involves speaking in front of a crowd every day.

My problem, and Ryan and I seem to disagree on this, is the potential of being on camera all the time. I’m not an overly private person. There is quite a lot I share with you here. However, I don’t think you need to watch me brush my teeth or tie my shoes. That seems a bit intrusive. I’m not saying that would necessarily be the focus of their programming, but you never know with these types of shows.

When we were at comic con I picked up a bunch of books, but at the time I didn’t see much reason to go on about it. One of those books was full color Scott Pilgrim Book 1 though, and I noticed a few days ago that Book 2 popped up on Amazon for pre-order. It’s not out until November, so we’re in for a long wait.

The black and white version, of which you can get all 6 books right now, is still excellent. Book 3 contained a short full color section at the beginning that was really vibrant and beautiful. The coloring in the new version of Book 1 is very good, but it’s not quite as eye-catching. That might be due to the prologue of Book 3 occurring on the beach in Summer, and Book 1 being set in Canadian Winter.

The version of the Scott Pilgrim Book 1 that I got at San Diego Comic Con has an alternate cover, with the first evil ex on the front and Scott on the back, and is dubbed the “Evil Edition”. Even though the Book 2 cover with Knives on the front looks awesome, I still crave consistency. If you want to obtain an Evil Edition of Book 2, you’ll to have to stop in at the Oni Press booth at New York Comic Con in October. It’s a lot to do for an alternate cover, but then you’ll also get the book a full month early.

I haven’t planned out my October yet, but I think a trip to New York Comic Con is unlikely. Hopefully I can find someone to secure a copy for me.