Smart phones have harkened an age in which knowing things is completely unnecessary. As long as your phone has battery and service, anything is possible. The problem, of course, is that now when my phone dies, I feel lost, alone, and afraid. I need that connection to a constant flow of information. Without it, I would have to go back to eating crappy food, wandering randomly, and talking to actual people at dinner.

I’m going to post this on our home page as well. Smashing Avatar is moving to a new hosting service, and there might be a little downtime at some point between Friday and Sunday. We don’t have a lot of control over this. Actually, we don’t have any control. They say it might take 72 hours, so we are starting it tomorrow to be sure it’s settled before Monday’s comic.

It’s not terribly surprising that Netflix gave up video game rentals before they started. They didn’t actually explain why they cancelled the plan, but I can speculate. I think there is a distinct t gap between their potential customers and the usefulness of the service. Gamers who play frequently enough to justify the monthly fee want new games right away. That is why I haven’t gone with GameFly. I don’t know anyone who has, in fact. Netflix also probably has an issue with the cost of a single disc being much higher than with movies. It is a big investment.