Our server issues have been fixed. Dan had cooked us up a really nice temporary page to use for the comic, but of course the site was fixed just in time for us to not get to use it.

Mass Effect has been on my list of games to catch up on for quite some time, but the time required to push through two full RPGs is daunting. With the Mass Effect 3 demo out this week, the clock is running. My counterpart is making a valiant effort. Nearly three weeks to go, I think he’ll make it, but at what cost? At what cost?!

We have settled on a plan for PAX East this year. We will be in the convention hall Friday and Saturday. Sunday is Easter. I have family obligations. I’ll need to hop a bus or train or the back of a pickup truck from Boston to New York for the holiday. Two days at PAX seems like plenty of time to me. They won’t tell you that any day is better than another, but Sunday is generally the least exciting of the three. Admittedly, the final round of the Omegathon is a big deal, but the rest of the convention winds down a bit on the last day, and resources run thin.

I imagine the effect will be compounded given that they scheduled the convention over a major religious holiday this year. As holidays go, at least it’s not Christmas.