A weekend in Comic Con left me thoroughly drained. Hours on end of walking, combined with constant visual stimulation (see above), and stressful social encounters, led to my eventual demise. I left early Sunday to return to Los Angeles and renew myself. I was satisfied that I had seen everything that I needed to see. Enough, I said. Enough.

I picked up a number of books which I had not expected to purchase. After a very informative discussion with Brad Guigar on webcomics, I decided to grab his book. He offered to put a sketch in it, a kindness to which I was more than receptive.

Scott Kurtz, Dave Kellet, and Kris Straub were all similarly generous with their time. It draws a stark contrast to the behavior of former minor stars like the black Power Ranger or the guy who was in the Chewie costume. They charge just for the privilege of joining them in a photograph.

I’m not saying I wanted a picture with the unfamiliar aging man who played Chewbacca. I’m just comparing classes of people, or people with class.

We received the t-shirt order in time for the convention, but were very disappointed with the results. For reference, ooshirts.com is not a place I would try in the future. We did talk to a man at the convention who prints t-shirts. The samples he had were of very good quality. Once we have a chance to order a new prototype and evaluate the cost, I will update you with more information.