We never realize how much racism and white supremacy still pervades in our culture. Santa Claus is a prime example of classic American values. Jolly fat white man who looks like a kind grandfather to all the little white boys and girls. IF you make Santa another ethinicity, children will revolt. They’ll say “THAT IS NOT SANTA”. It’s socially acceptable racism, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

The thing is, it’s not exactly racism, since it’s not born of a dislike of any race. Children are supposed to believe that Santa is a real person. Fictional characters, like say Colonel Nick Fury or Heimdall, can be changed. If you complain about that, you’re probably racist. Real people don’t change skin color though, and Santa is a person who is white and fat and has a big white beard and red suit. He’s only fictional to adults.

The Santa’s helper con might assist in this regard. It’s easy to say that the mall Santa is a different person who looks different, and that Santa is too busy to make an appearance at the mall. Of course that makes all of the other, possible non-white, Santas subservient to the big white man in charge.

Not that children really understand any of this. Or the fact that Santa appears to have a weight problem and they are taught that it’s still good to leave him cookies. Or that Santa only values Rudolph’s diversity after he finds out that he can use him as fog lights for his sleigh. There are probably other ways to teach them about diversity and acceptance.