It is a comic and we made it. It there really much more I have to say? I abhor the very idea of being connected to Facebook constantly, but with the application on our phones this idea has become a grim reality. It also bears mentioning that a feed is an instrument farmers attach to animal cages to provide them with sustenance. Chew on that little morsel and get back to me.

The Borderlands 2 announcement comes more as a confirmation of that which we already knew to be true. After three expansions, there could be no doubt that a sequel was inevitable. I would have liked to be in the room when they came up with the new class name though. I can only imagine that they noticed that the Berzerker was pretty cool and decided to try to continue with the theme of “crazy badass.” Since Brick was a big guy who kills things with his two large fists, they made the new class a little guy who kills things with two large guns and call him a Gunzerker. Someone got hit with the obvious train. It matters little however. Borderlands 2 is going to be as hilarious as its predecessor and its addicting Diablo-like weapon collection and character customization will keep us in its thrall for weeks or months. These things are also inevitable.