I was waiting to replace my PS3 before renewing my PS+ subscription, or at least wait a few weeks to see what free games are on the menu for next month. Except apparently the default setting for PS+ is auto renewal.

So now I have PS+ and no PlayStation. What to do? I could move on to a PS4. There is plenty to play, with Infamous Second Son, Destiny, and a copy Assassin’s Creed Black Flag that is already sitting on my shelf due to a Christmas present mistake. That’s plenty to justify the move to the next generation.

But there is a lot to do with the PS3 still. Tales of Symphonia Chronicles is on sale for next to nothing. I still have time to spend on Diablo 3, Skyrim, and a few other titles. And I have a massive list of PS+ free titles waiting on a server for me to download and play. Sure, I don’t have much interest in any of those titles, but they represent a possibility.

What do you guys think? PS4, or replacement PS3. Or Xbox One? Titanfall looks cool. And Dead Rising. But then my PS+ is wasted. That would be a shame.