This actually happened. Learning Chinese (Mandarin) has been a goal of mine for quite some time. The reason stated in the comic, however, is mostly fictional. My desire to learn the language is really due to my wish to travel and order off menu in restaurants. Someone recommended applying to a community college to take the course, as the classes are relatively cheap. It was a good plan, but I was late for registration and all of the sections are full. Guess I’ll try again in the Fall.

I’ve tried the audio learning tools, but it’s difficult to set goals for something without someone to ridicule you endlessly for failing to meet them. This principle is mainly based on my guitar lessons. When I would neglect my practice, I would perform terribly during the lesson and my teacher would make fun of me. This would make me work harder, to try not to feel like an idiot every week.

Imagine if this had worked when I was younger! I would have had much better grades in High School. Actually, the reverse of this principle might have been in effect. I had a teacher who gave me shit even though I was working hard, and convinced I could do nothing to please him, I just gave up trying. In retrospect, that was probably not the most mature response, but I was young and stupid. I blame the system of education for forcing me to take an Art class.