Nintendo doesn’t generally do DLC, but they have been getting into the game on a games lately. Fire Emblem Awakening, in particular, greatly threatens my wallet. They don’t ask for money to unlock new characters, but extra maps abound.

I haven’t added up the potential cost, but it easily eclipses the price of the game itself. Combos do little to reduce the damage. I wish they would sell a complete map pack at something a little more reasonable. The game’s story itself contains more maps for a better price.

I await patiently for console companies to follow Blizzard’s model of expansions containing a complete campaign for about half the price of the core game. A few have gone similar routes for DLC that greatly changed the game experience. Both Red Dead Redemption and Borderlands added zombies in this way, and the value was excellent.

But 6 dollars for each map pack, or 3 per individual map, adds up far too quickly. Now double that if my girlfriend wants to play them on her copy of the game too, and we won’t be eating for a week.