She’s got nowhere else to go. That’s the biggest problem with long plane trips of course. You could be stuck next to anyone.

During my recent flight I got lucky and some sort of glitch made all of the movies free. I still didn’t watch Dark Knight Rises though. It seems wrong to watch such a movie on a tiny screen with poor quality everything and engine noise in the background. I watched Step Up Revolution (yes, really) and Finding Nemo instead. One of those movies was amazing and it didn’t involve dancing.

Now that I’m back in Los Angeles, I had a chance to use two more features of the Wii U. The TV remote function of the tablet controller seems trivial, but I am astounded how important it is to me. Certainly both the Xbox 360 and PS3 have remotes that can control the TV, but those devices are expensive peripherals not included with the system. They also are not the controller used to play most games, and therefore the item you pick up whenever you want to turn on the TV and play. It’s a simple matter of convenience.

The other feature is the Wii to Wii U transfer which I tackled yesterday. When the instructions said that it would delete the data from my Wii, it made me a little nervous, but it all went off without a hitch. It took about an hour all told, and I had quite a bit of data on that Wii. The process basically boiled down to putting the SD card in the Wii U, then in the Wii, then back in the Wii U, each time running the transfer program. The Wii data and virtual console games are all confined to the separate “Wii Menu”, which is somewhat inconvenient. It would be much better if each game could be launched directly from the Wii U menu. I might play them more often.