Update: The U.S. details were released this morning, along with a look at the fate of that neat Metroid shooter game we saw at E3 last year (now a monster masher instead of competitive multiplayer) and a video service. As I predicted, it will be $299 for the basic bundle and $349 for the awesome one.

At the time this comic was written, I thought that Nintendo’s press conference would give an idea of the financial burden its new system would place upon American gaming enthusiasts. It has turned out that this is only partially true.

Nintendo only provided details for the release in Japan. This gives a good jumping off point for educated guesses, but it’s hardly proof of anything.

Price estimates and conversions are tricky business, but I’m still going to throw my lot in for $299 on the basic and 349 on the premium. History gives the pre-Thanksgiving US release date a high probability. I am aware that the comic text mentions the Wii U coming in the spring, but that was prior to having any info, so please forgive me for that.

Thankfully, the iPhone 5 details are much more solid, and its release is extremely imminent. I fully plan to sit on their website on Friday to pre-order the new phone. I’ve been using an iPhone 4 for two years now, and it has not been running at its best lately.

If you’re curious as to what color I will be purchasing, it is black. It’s always black.