It’s a real problem. Not necessarily as a matter of laziness, but for a while I truly didn’t know that you could change the sort order on the iPhone’s Contacts. When creating the contact for Josh Numero Dos (let us refer to him as “Joshua Gonzales” for the sake of his anonymity), my phone placed him under the C’s. I mean G’s. My mind does not work that way and I certainly don’t refer to him as “Gonzales, Joshua” at any time. I eventually discovered the appropriate setting, but I still like my methods better.

I spent the bulk of my weekend playing Ocarina of Time in 3D. Actually I played almost entirely with the 3D completely disabled. However, if there is a single time to play with 3D cranked up, it is during the ending. I noticed via Twitter that others experienced similar benefits to the touch screen controls I mentioned last week. I think we can consider the Water Temple officially fixed.

After weeks of it languishing without play on my desk, I finally have time to start Infamous 2 now. The new voice acting is immediately noticeable in the narration, but as new Cole starts to have actual other characters to speak with, the change becomes less glaring. The other differences are much more subtle. Head shots are not as much instant kills, you don’t get instant healing or energy replenishment from grinding rails or power lines, and when you run out of energy you cannot even use the basic shock attack.

You can take those either way, but there are a few definite positives. When the world begins to fade away, enemies glow to assist with identification. Melee is also much more fun with a newly added weapon and some nice looking finishing moves that appear to use decent motion capture technology. Of course, collecting dead drops and blast shards is still as addicting as it is tedious and time consuming. Oh well. The small changes suit a sequel so far and they are developing on the story in interesting ways. It is certainly keeping me plunging forward.

Comic Number 3 will be up on Thursday!