Sorry this is a little late. I was going through some…stuff…today. It was rough, but it’s all better now! Now let us never speak of it again!

I actually had this comic in my hands a few days ago, but I barely had a chance to read it before my iPhone decided it should be deleted and impossible to find. Being in San Diego all weekend for Comic-Con and a few other fun activities, I didn’t have a chance to use my laptop to retrieve it until today.

Comic-Con is always a super fun experience, but is also at least as exhausting as it is fun. I find that I can accomplish everything I wish to do in a single day on the convention floor though. Every time I spend more than one day at the convention, I regret the exorbitant cost of the hotel room, and wish that I had done the entire thing as a day trip.

So, for real this time, next year Comic-Con will be a day trip, and I’ll arrange to do the other things I enjoy in San Diego on another trip down. It’s only a 2 hour drive without traffic, which is still less than the time it took me to drive home to visit my family in college. Between the Zoo, and SeaWorld, and cool friend, there is plenty to do to make the trip worthwhile even without fancy cons.